The use of nettle (Girardinia diversifolia) and hemp (Cannabis sativa) for clothes and household use is an aged old practice in Nepal, and these fibers are known for their strength and durability. The stem bark of nettle and hemp contains fibers with unique qualities, strength, smoothness, lightness and when appropriately treated, a silk-like luster.

At community level, the finished hemp/nettle items include jackets, porter’s head bands, fishing nets, ropes, bags, mats, coarse clothing material, and blankets, which are sold in local markets or bartered for food or commodity items. Therefore, the harvesting and weaving of nettle/hemp by the indigenous communities is helpful in meeting the basic requirements of their communities. HBTL uses the hemp and nettle cloth to produce a variety of attractive, practical and durable bags, packaging material and clothes, sold in Nepal and internationally.

Adding embroidery of logos, graphics or initials can customize the nettle and hemp products. HBTL has several embroidery designs available and can customize designs. Click here to view some of the designs available.

Please contact HBTL to discuss customizing the products and for further details.

Item#: NL1
Description: Nettle large adjustable shoulder strap bag

Description: Nettle large adjustable shoulder strap bag with fringe details and button closure

Item#: NL5
Description: Nettle three fold wallet with zippers

Item#: NL6
Description: Nettle small wallet/coin purse with knot design

Item#: NL4
Description: Nettle purse with design

Item#: NL13
Description: Nettle leather twofold wallet

Item#: NL16
Description: Nettle Oval Pouch

Item#: NL30
Description: Nettle Cap

Item#: NL19
Description: Nettle two large front pocket bag

Item#: NL20
Description: Nettle messenger bag with large front pocket

Item#: NL21
Description: Nettle ladies tote bag with leather detailing

Item#: NL22
Description: Nettle adjustable shoulder strap embroidered bag