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Cultivated certified

Organic Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus globulus Labill

Eucalyptus oil is extracted by steam distillation of the fresh or partially dried leaves and young twigs of Eucalyptus globulus Labill, planted in low lands of Nepal.


Appearance: A mobile liquid
Color: Colorless
Aroma: Somewhat harsh, camphoraceous odor and woody‐scented undertone

Active constituents:

Major constituents as 1, 8‐cineol; moderate amounts of α‐pinene, β‐pinene, limonene, p‐cymene, α‐phellandrene, γ‐terpinene, myrcene, aromadendrene, camphene, cryptone, spathulenol, α‐thujene, citriodorol, cuminaldehyde, linalol, pinocarvone, terpinen‐4‐ol, epiglobulol, piperitone and globulol


◊ Used in aromatherapy.
◊ Used as fragrance components in soaps, detergents and toiletries.
◊ Employed as flavor ingredients in major food categories.

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Essential oil containers available:
10ml, 1kg, 25kg or custom size

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