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Rubia manjith Roxb. ex Fleming

Trailing herb, stems and branches fourangled, minutely prickly. Leaves petioled, ovate to cordate, long-pointed, basall veins prominent. Flowering in small inflorescence. Flowers dark red. Fruit globose, succulent. Flowers from June to November. Fruits January.


Root tastes sweet, somewhat sour and bitter and red in color. Stem is quadrangular, rough from low to up, woody, fine and quite red in inner part.


Root contains chemicals called Alizarin and Purpurin. Root and stem of madder is used in the treatment of heart attack, ulcer and skin related diseases. Its stem and petiole are used as antidote to Cobra and scorpion bite. Stem and root are also used to dye wool used for preparing carpet.

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