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Organic Herbs

Sikakai (Soap Pod)

Acacia rugata (Lam.) Voigt

Deciduous tree about 15 high. Stem, petiole and leaves with fine curved cylindrical thorn, branches with brown, white spots. Leaves petioled, bipinnate, pinnae in 6 to 25 pairs, pinnules in 10 to 30 pairs, linear. Flowers creamy white in axillary peduncled spikes. Fruits a pod. Flowers from September to October, converted into fruits by October to March.


Fruit is 7 to 12 cm long and 2 to 3 cm thickened. Dried pods of fruit are wrinkled like, having 6 to 10 seeds, with cavity between two seeds. Fruits are matured only after winter. Pods of fruit are in cluster and red in color before ripening.


Roots are used as Stimulant and Tonic. Roots are also used as insecticides. Soap pod is usually used in the preparation of shampoo available in the market. Pod contains Saponin and Tanin, commercially used, so cultivation of Soap pod seems to be appropriate.

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