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Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Berk.) G.H. Sung.

Grows at the Himalayas as a parasite attacking a special type of moth of Hepialus genus (a type of butterfly that can fly in night). Mycelium are developed inside the body of larva which sucks the food from larva. When larva dies, black-brown colored, 5-8 cm long, mace shaped, reproductive part emerges out from head of the larva.


Lower part of Caterpillar Fungus is goldenyellow in color and larva like. Upper part emerging from head is light dark in color and fine. Fungal reproductive part including larval part is about 15 cm. When eaten, larval part tastes like meat and fungal part tastes like mushroom.


Caterpillar Fungus is used as medicine for energetic, sex stimulant, strengthen memory power and kidney, heart and blood related diseases. Studies show Caterpillar Fungus has property to balance diseases and antibodies. Due this properties, Caterpillar Fungus is believed to be used for the treatment of blood, heart and kidney related diseases, Hepatitis, Impotency, old coughs, swelling respiratory, Asthma, spinal related problems, Joint aches, even AIDs and Cancer.

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